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Up to 10 new B class greenhouse farmers joined the Horticulture Training and Demonstration Center.

The representatives of the center held meetings with the mentioned persons, visited their greenhouses and introduced their future plans.

"It is very important for us to develop greenhouse farming and Imereti region has really potential for it. In order to achieve the mentioned goal, it is essential to promote access to modern knowledge and technologies for farmers, which at the same time will increase the quality of products. Also, it is necessary to create a logistics hub and maintain a distribution network. Worth noting the high interest of farmers and their willingness to actively participate in the development processes.” said Mrs. Marine Egutia, The Executive Director of Horticultural Training and Demo Center during the visit to greenhouse farmers in Imereti region.

As of today, there are more than 20,000 small-scale greenhouse farmers in the Imereti region, and most of them produce agricultural products in low-tech greenhouses.

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