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Covered Plants

C Class members

Class C Members may include various universities, vocational training centers and other representatives of the academic field. C members shall pay Membership Fee (2850 GEL or In-kind contribution)

ტექნიკური უნივერსიტეტი.png


Georgian Technical University (GTU) is one of the biggest educational and scientific institutions in Georgia. 


HollandDoor is a service provider based in the Netherlands, which is recognized and well known among professional agricultural and horticultural stakeholders locally, regionally, and globally.

Partner HollandDoor Coöperatie U.A..png
College Iberia.png

College "Iberia"

The College trains specialists in a variety of educational programs in business and administration, engineering, information and communication technologies, manufacturing and processing, personal services, and agriculture.

Buller School of Business

Named after Manitoba entrepreneurial leaders and philanthropists Herb and Erna Buller, the Buller School of Business brings the business world together with the Christian faith.

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Agro Duo

Agro Duo unites associations and private companies active in agriculture.

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