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Covered Plants

B Class members

Class B Members may be any legal or natural person, which intends to participate in the activities of the Organization without payment of any membership fees. Such person shall obtain the Class B Member status by the respective decision of the Executive Board. Class B Members are considered as the main beneficiaries of IAZ GHCD project, they are mainly associated to the Imereti greenhouse farmer communities, and shall not be required to pay any HTDC membership fee

საქართველოს მწვანილის მწარმოებელთა ასოციაცია.jpg

Association of Herb Growers

The Association of Herb Growers of Georgia unites representatives of all links of the value chain of horticulture. It offers various business services to its members and helps them participate in international exhibitions, seminars, and training.


The Georgian Farmers' Association (GFA) was founded in 2012 and is a non-commercial, not-for-profit legal entity. Currently, the organization unites about 4,000 farmers across Georgia.


Agro Export

“Agro Export” – a wheat flour manufacturing company located in Tbilisi, Georgia. The company produces first-grade flour, second-grade flour, and bran. The company sells its products in the local market to both small and large companies.


The association aims to develop the production of high-quality seed and nursery materials and promote their certification per international standards.

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