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Our Members

Explore the growing community of the "Horticultural Training and Demonstration Centre," where we unite various greenhouse individuals and companies. 

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HTDC Classes

  • Agricultural product-supplying companies

  • Agricultural, financial & legal consulting companies

  • EPC and O&M companies

  • IAZs tenants and up to 20,000 farmers in the Imereti Region

  •  EPC and O&M companies

  • Universities and colleges 

  •  Professional and other educational centers and institutes

  • EPC and O&M companies

Covering all the sectors of horticulture

The goods and services our member companies and organizations offer cover nearly all the aspects of greenhouse farming: Construction, smart-tech, agrochemicals, education, masterclasses, etc. We work tirelessly not only to improve the livelihood of our B class but to unite and advance the horticultural sector in Georgia

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