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The meeting with the greenhouse growers was held in the town of Tsqaltubo

The Horticultural Training and Demonstration Center's representatives met with the greenhouse growers in the town of Tsqaltubo.

During the meeting, the Director of the Horticultural Training and Demonstration Center, Marine Egutia and the Deputy Executive Director, Giorgi Chkuaseli briefed farmers on the activities and future plans of the center.

According to Mrs. Marine Egutia, the center will study the needs and challenges faced by the greenhouse growers of the Imereti region. Consequently, horticultural specialists and professionals will develop training programs that will help members of the Horticultural Training and Demonstration Center gain practical and theoretical knowledge, increasing their production and income.

The farmers expressed their interest in cooperation and at the end of the meeting, 5 more farmers were enrolled in the Horticultural training and demonstration center.

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