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Covered Plants

A Class members

Class A Members may be any legal or natural person supplying agri input, greenhouse technologies and/or any products/services related to the purposes/objectives of the Organization, wishes to participate in activities of the Organization and pays Class A Membership Fee (4500 Gel or In-kind contribution). The person may obtain Class A Member status by the respective decision of the Executive Board

ELGRO group


Elgro Group


Country of Origin: Latvia

ELGRO is a group of companies. The main activities focus on construction, fit-out, project management, architecture, and interior design in commercial real estate.

Our team can provide a full range of design, construction, fit-out, and engineering work on a turnkey basis, with the supply of finishing materials and office furniture.


Our specialists have extensive experience in completing tasks of any complexity. The solutions we implement allow our clients to save significant resources and finances both in the construction process and in further maintenance-related works.

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