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Three tips for growing strawberries in vertical farming.

Against the background of the challenges in the direction of food security in the world, the primary production of food through vertical farms is becoming increasingly popular.

A vertical farming system involves production on several surfaces that are placed on top of each other. As of today, vegetables are most often produced on vertical farms. However, specialists in the field are trying to study and introduce technologies for growing other crops with similar practices. Strawberries are among these crops.

According to the conducted studies, when growing strawberries in vertical farming, the farmer should take into account three primary parameters:

  • Quality of seeds and planting material

  • humidity

  • Pest control

According to scientists, for quality and abundant harvest of strawberries, it is necessary to have quality nursery material that will be available throughout the year. They also recommend maintaining a moisture deficit during fruit ripening to ensure a longer crop cycle. A third but no less critical piece of advice involves strict pest control and disease prevention.

Research is ongoing to increase the number of crops compatible with vertical farming and to improve yields. However, scientists agree that vertical systems may be the key to solving the problem of food shortages caused by urbanization and rapid soil loss.

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