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The company "Imereti Agro Zone" is the founder of the HTDC and a class A member!

The company "Imereti Agro Zone" is the founder of the horticulture training and demonstration center and a class A member!

The Rural Development Agency founded "Imereti Agro Zone" LLC to develop a greenhouse cluster in the Imereti region, Georgia. Within the framework of the project, the company ensures the development of a set of greenhouses on an area of 220 ha in Tskaltubo and Baghdati municipalities in the Imereti region.

For this purpose, the Government of Georgia allocated 4.2 hectares of land in the city of Baghdati, where, with the involvement of the members, demonstration, and training greenhouses will be built. Furthermore, a logistics center will also be created, providing services to the farmers of Western Georgia.

The following can join the Horticulture Training and Demonstration Center in Class A:

• Companies supplying agricultural products;

• Agro, financial, and legal consulting companies;

• EPC and O&M companies.

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