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Davit Tsitlidze visited the production plot of the HTDC

The director of the Rural Development Agency, Davit Tsitlidze, visited the production plot of the Horticultural Training and Demonstration Center in Baghdati Archil Bukia, the director of the founder company "Imereti Agro Zone," briefed Tsitlidze on Horticultural Training and Demo Center’s activities and plans. Archil Bukia explained that the organization has member companies in the A and C classes working together to create training programs focused on greenhouses. They are also working with Georgian and foreign companies and educational institutions that specialize in greenhouses. The organization plans to build the necessary infrastructure, including high-tech greenhouses, on the center's production plot to help over 20,000 greenhouse farmers in Imereti access modern practices in the field.

The Government of Georgia has provided 4.2 hectares of land in Baghdati municipality for the development of. Along with the greenhouses, the center will have other facilities to support farmers gaining practical knowledge.

Representatives from member companies and institutions of the organization, including Hollanddoor, Technical University of Georgia, College "Iberia," Gh Agri, LLC, and Geoholding, attended the meeting at the center's production plot.

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