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An innovative method of monitoring flower pollination frequency

Artificial intelligence (AI) in horticulture is an innovative method of monitoring flower pollination frequency.

Artificial intelligence is developing quickly, and along with the digital world, it is also conquering agriculture. One of the leading indicators of the yield rate in the primary production of agro-food products is the pollination frequency of the plant flower. It is known that 16-20 insect visits are optimal for the adequate pollination of a flower. Until now, the frequency of pollination by insects was monitored by the visual observation method, which is quite time-consuming and requires a lot of human resources.

To simplify the process, within the framework of a new study, Australian scientists implemented a system for monitoring pollinating insects in greenhouses through artificial intelligence. Video cameras installed in the greenhouse record on tape the trajectory of the insects' movement, based on which, through artificial intelligence, the program determines the location of each insect and the exact frequency of flower pollination. The collected data allows the farmer to analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of pollination. And if necessary, to ensure high yield, artificially manage the process.


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