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Regional NNLE "Horticultural Training and Demo Center" (HTDC) has been founded in March 2022 by LLC "Imereti Agro Zone", as a knowledge transfer platform for modern Agri-technologies, equipment and growth cultivation. 

With the support of the Ministry of Education & Science (MoES), IAZ has obtained 3.5 ha of non-agricultural and 1.4 ha of agricultural land plots in the city of Baghdati, Imereti region, Georgia. As agreed with MoES, the 3.5 ha non-agricultural land plot for the HTDC development site will be shared with the existing vocational training center managed by College Iberia. From the 3.5 ha of the land plot, College will use 0.7 ha. IAZ will use the rest 2.8 ha land plot for the infrastructure development of the HTDC. On the 1.4 ha land plot, high, medium, and low-tech demo greenhouses will be built for HTDC, where practical trainings will be carried out. The center will serve the Imereti Agro Zone Greenhouse Cluster members, farmers from all over Georgia, and even neighboring countries, e.g., Armenia and Azerbaijan. 

Besides the training facilities and programs, a special education program needs to be developed by HTDC, addressing low-tech farmers adn enabling them to develop into low/medium and medium technology greenhouse growers. 

As a Technology transfer platform, objectives of HTDC include: 

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