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By the initiative of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia, LLC "Imereti Agro Zone" is implementing a Greenhouse Cluster Development project in the Imereti region.

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Georgian Agro House offers a full range of services for the packing and distribution of agricultural products.

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Phoenix Greenhouse Solutions has been engineering, installing and managing different types of greenhouses in the Azerbaijani market for about 15 years. 


ELGRO is a group of companies. The main focus of activities is construction, fit-out, project management, architecture and interior design in commercial real estate.

GH Agri.png

LLC GH Agri was established in August 2020 by Giorgi Dadiani and Michael North with the intention to implement a pilot greenhouse project at (IAZ) Imereti Agro Zone greenhouse cluster production site, Tskaltubo municipality, the Imereti region, Georgia.

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The company was founded in 2016 to develop investments in the Republic of Georgia by pursuing profitable and socially responsible projects privately using all modern tools.

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Agro Solutions Group is a holding company that brings together several companies and organizations in the field of agriculture and the environment.

LLC Agro Ornament.jpg

Agro-Ornament is a Georgian company supplying turnkey, different technology greenhouses. 

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The company develops scalable startup projects based on web 3.0 technology.


The Canadian-Georgian Chamber of Commerce Inc. (CGCC) is a Canadian federal not-for-profit corporation. As a non-governmental, volunteer-based, member-serving and think tank organization, CGCC connects, supports and advocates for two-way Canadian-Georgian exchange in business and beyond. CGCC represents the interests of the Canadian organizations in Georgia and Georgian organizations in Canada with a voice of independent expertise perceptible to all players.

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The company develops scalable startup projects based on web 3.0 technology.

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