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A Class members

Class A Members may be any legal or natural person supplying agri input, greenhouse technologies and/or any products/services related to the purposes/objectives of the Organization, wishes to participate in activities of the Organization and pays Class A Membership Fee (4500 Gel or In-kind contribution). The person may obtain Class A Member status by the respective decision of the Executive Board


LLC GH Agri was established in August 2020 by Giorgi Dadiani and Michael North to implement a pilot greenhouse project at (IAZ) Imereti Agro Zone greenhouse cluster production site, Tskaltubo municipality, Imereti region, Georgia. The project initiators consider the nursery production facility for the vegetable seedlings, for fruits, berries, Lettuce, and Sweet Potato as primary production. As a secondary, additional value creator, GH Agri intends to plan seasonal production of Tulips.

In order to comply with the international standards in greenhouse production and ensure the nursery production high quality, productivity, and yield, GH Agri has invited international greenhouse production consultancy service provision companies and financial experts to support the nursery project development by sharing their technical, technological, commercial, financial and legal expertise on nurseries and production management in general. 

GH Agri became a Class A Member of Horticultural Training & Demo Centre (HTDC). On the second General Meeting of the HTDC, which was held on June 12th, GH Agri representative, Ms. Mariam Burdiladze was elected as a member of the HTDC Executive Board.

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Country of Origin: Georgia    

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